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SparkleCOIN to be listed on a licensed and regulated U.S. based cryptocurrency exchange

SparkleCOIN, with it’s new trading symbol SCTK (Sparkle-Coin-To-Ken) will soon be listed on a third exchange.

The advantages are:

1.) Licensed and regulated exchange to finally provide trading access to U.S. based traders in addition to international traders.

2.) Agreement in place with the exchange for unrestricted trading, meaning unlike the last time when SparkleCOIN was listed on an exchange, when the priced shot up from the opening price of $0.50 to $19.80 almost instantly, the exchange WILL NOT HALT TRADING and lockup trading accounts. There will be no limits to the value of SparkleCOIN so real open trading can finally happen with a new exchange listing.

3.) Funding and withdraw in USD (fiat) currency. This is something that has been requested by many of our traders. Now you can fund your account on this new exchange with cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.

We are very excited to be on this new exchange and we will provide advanced notice when the listing date and time is confirmed so people interested in participating can setup and fund their accounts on the exchange and coin holders can also be prepared to trade or sell their tokens.

Please note we have another HUGE announcement coming out this Thursday, March 18, 2021. You don’t want to miss this!

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