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SparkleCOIN: The Cryptocurrency with a CAUSE!

SparkleCOIN launches new website and defines it's purpose.

Why a new website now? After conducting some surveys, people told us our previous website was too technical. It showed we have a lot of technologies and can do a lot of things, but there is not that one thing or focus that someone can really stand behind and support wholeheartedly. This new website reflects what our CEO personally wants to do moving forward, which will align with what SparkleCOIN is now mandated to do.

Our Mission:

We are disrupting humanity by developing socially-conscious transaction platforms, which will allow resources to be distributed to specific beneficiaries, so that we can insure 100% of the contributions reach those who need it the most.

How We Will Do This:

SparkleCOIN is making monumental and ground-breaking changes world-wide helping those who need it the most through the power of our blockchain, cryptocurrency, and services.

So please take a look and join us in changing the world and making it a better place for EVERYONE!

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