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There are over 1.6 BILLION people experiencing homelessness worldwide who have no access to financial services. This makes it nearly impossible for them to get a bank account to save money, pay for bills, or pay rent, thus making them indefinitely homeless.


Furthermore, most companies will never hire a person that is homeless, which means they can never earn a paycheck to have the money to get a home, purchase food or medicine, or provide for their families.



Sparkle Blockchain Inc, along with a network of over 500 banks, will provide banking services, jobs, and other services to those experiencing homelessness. Through the use of the SparkleCOIN blockchain, token, and our SPRK Awards Platform, we can ensure 100% of the contributions are given to those who are homeless, which can only be used for necessities and prescriptions.

The software application will also allow companies to post jobs and draw from a special fund to hire and pay the homeless, thereby given them training, a salary, and much needed self-esteem.


By offering these services FREE OF CHARGE, we can help 63% of the people affected by homelessness RIGHT NOW!

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Starting in 2016, SparkleCOIN created and has continued to develop blockchain-based platforms that are designed to be used in daily transactions. These platforms can be scaled and deployed in any number of applications.


The SPRK Awards Platform is a complete turnkey solution for the exchange of virtual assets and fiat currencies by means of a stable token valued at $1 and any number of cryptocurrencies with constantly changing values, governed by the SparkleCOIN token ($SCTK). The solution includes business methodologies, software technologies, integration, a blockchain, direct real-time transactions with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and the backing of a financial platform working with over 500 banks worldwide.

By using the SPRK Awards Platform, we will be able to create a robust and effective financial network and management system for those affected by homelessness and help them integrate back into society, thereby finding homes to live in, jobs to pay their bills, and hope for a better life for them and their families.

Read the SPRK Awards Platform White Paper



Even though SparkleCOIN has spent millions of dollars developing its software technologies and in the operation of the company, we are providing SPARKLECHANGE services FREE of CHARGE.


Every penny that is put into the system will go to help those affected by homelessness. Furthermore, since the funds will be exchanged into tokens, 100% transparency is possible so validation of the funds, who they went to, and what the funds were used to purchase, will be available for public review and auditing through the SparkleCOIN blockchain and SPRK Awards Platform.

When a member uses the tokens to purchase products and services, the merchant will be charged a 3% fee that will help fund the program and recycle funds back into the system, which will then be awarded back to those who are affected by homelessness. The 3% fee will be made using SparkleCOIN ($SCTK), thereby increasing demand for SparkleCOIN, which we hope will increase the value of SparkleCOIN. This increase in value will allow Sparkle Blockchain to maintain and expand the services and scale of the SPARKLECHANGE program and reward its supporters.

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Any person over the age of 18 who is experiencing homelessness will be eligible to join. Minors can join with the approval of an adult guardian.


There is no sign-up fee, no monthly fee, and no fees for any transactions for the members.

Persons who become self-sufficient and find homes and jobs through this program can remain a member and retain all the benefits it provides forever. We are here to help them start the journey home and we will be there for as long as they need us. 



We are currently accepting applications for the deployment of SPARKLECHANGE world-wide. There is no cost to apply and if accepted, there is no cost for the deployment and use of SPARKLECHANGE. Availability will be on a first-come-first served basis. Please contact us to start the process today. 




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