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A real solution for those affected by homelessness



There are over 1.6 BILLION people experiencing homelessness worldwide who have no access to financial services. This makes it nearly impossible for them to get a bank account to save money, pay for bills, or pay rent, thus making them indefinitely homeless.


Furthermore, most companies will never hire a person that is homeless, which means they can never earn a paycheck to have the money to get a home, purchase food or medicine, or provide for their families.



Sparkle Blockchain Inc, along with a network of over 500 banks, will provide banking services, jobs, and other services to those experiencing homelessness. Through the use of the SparkleCOIN blockchain, token, and our SPRK Awards Platform, we can ensure 100% of the donations are given to those who are homeless, which can only be used for necessities and prescriptions.

The software application will also allow companies to post jobs and draw from a special fund to hire and pay the homeless, thereby giving them training, a salary, and much needed self-esteem.


By offering these services FREE OF CHARGE, we can help 49% of the people affected by homelessness RIGHT NOW!

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Starting in 2016, SparkleCOIN created and has continued to develop blockchain-based platforms that are designed to be used in daily transactions. These platforms can be scaled and deployed in any number of applications.


The SPRK Awards Platform is a complete turnkey solution for the exchange of virtual assets and fiat currencies by means of a stable token valued at $1 and any number of cryptocurrencies with constantly changing values, governed by the SparkleCOIN token ($SCTK). The solution includes business methodologies, software technologies, integration, a blockchain, direct real-time transactions with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, and the backing of a financial platform working with over 500 banks worldwide.

By using the SPRK Awards Platform, we will be able to create a robust and effective financial network and management system for those affected by homelessness and help them integrate back into society, thereby finding homes to live in, jobs to pay their bills, and hope for a better life for them and their families.

Only through the multi-step program as detailed in the graphic below, can the homelessness situation be truly and effectively resolved.

SparkleCHANGE How it works.jpg

Read the SPRK Awards Platform White Paper



Even though SparkleCOIN has spent millions of dollars developing its software technologies and in the operation of the company, we are providing SPARKLECHANGE services FREE of CHARGE.


Every penny that is put into the system through donations will go to help those affected by homelessness. Furthermore, since the donations will be exchanged into tokens, 100% transparency is possible so validation of the donations, who they went to, and what the donations were used to purchase, will be available for public review and auditing through the SparkleCOIN blockchain and SPRK Awards Platform.

When a member uses the tokens to purchase products and services, the merchant will be charged a 3% fee that will help fund the program and recycle funds back into the system, which will then be awarded back to those who are affected by homelessness. The 3% fee will be used to purchase SparkleCOIN ($SCTK) directly from a 3rd-party exchange, thereby increasing demand for SparkleCOIN. Funds from the sale of SparkleCOINs earned and donated to the project will allow Sparkle Blockchain to maintain and expand the services and scale of the SPARKLECHANGE program.

SparkleCHANGE Funding Diagram.jpg



Any person over the age of 18 who is experiencing homelessness will be eligible to join. Minors can join with the approval of an adult guardian.


There is no sign-up fee, no monthly fee, and no fees for any transactions for the members.

Persons who become self-sufficient and find homes and jobs through this program can remain a member and retain all the benefits it provides forever. We are here to help them start the journey home and we will be there for as long as they need us.



The following is a roadmap of the SparkleCHANGE project with dates and milestones to deployment. We have selected to initiate the pilot program in the state of Missouri. Once the pilot program has been completed, we will be expanding the program nationwide.

SparkleCHANGE Timeline Roadmap.jpg



Missouri State Senator
Saint Louis County

The National Alliance to End Homelessness statistics identify that seventeen out of every 10,000 people in the United States are experiencing homelessness in a single night. The pandemic has caused a significant increase in even those numbers. Traumatic events, such as loss of a job, inability to pay for needed healthcare, mental health and domestic violence account for the greatest percentage of incidents that account for homelessness. We must protect those of us who have the least. It is imperative that we address the issue of homelessness as a National Crisis. I support programs and initiatives that protect our most vulnerable citizens. I support SparkleChange and their efforts.

Ashley Manlove.jpg

Missouri State Representative and
Legislative Black Caucus Chairman

SparkleChange Homeless Project, is the best plan that I have seen to date, for helping people who are experiencing homelessness. This project alleviates the fiscal responsibility of local communities, city governments and state taxpayers. I am pleased and offer my support to the SparkleChange Homeless Project. This innovative program is 100% transparent, has increased fiscal accountability, provides opportunities for job and financial stability while supporting business and workforce development. This project provides a clear path for personal, educational, and financial success.


Missouri State Representative
District 032

Homelessness is an ever increasing social issue that impacts everyone, veterans, the elderly, families, and individuals with neurological and emotional disorders. We need to unite and create a way to safely help those impacted and eliminate homelessness within our nation and worldwide.

Wiley Price IV.jpg

Missouri State Representative
Saint Louis City

Our communities, our state and our nation are in a Public Health Crisis of epic proportions. Long before the pandemic, our homeless population increased by the hundreds of thousands. In just a few days, as the Eviction Moratorium is lifted and families are thrown out into the streets, the safety net of much needed services for rent, utilities and food assistance will become less obtainable and a very real and dire situation will affect those who have the least and need our help the most. Those experiencing mental illness will be thrust out and roam the streets unattended, and children will face certain homelessness, starvation and in some instances, loss of life. It is our responsibility as a nation to take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. I support SparkleChange and their efforts to address the multiple pandemics that currently grip our country and our nation.

Mark Sharp.jpg

Missouri State Representative
Kansas City

The homeless population is increasing at levels that are concerning and unprecedented. We must initiate decisive action to address the demise of our most vulnerable population. Tools must be provided to end the cycle of homelessness experienced by children and families throughout our communities. I applaud the efforts of this organization.

Craig Bland.jpg

Kansas City, Missouri Committeeman

Homelessness is a devastation that tears at the very fabric of our country. Women and children, our most vulnerable, are at particular risk. There are approximately 2.5 million children experiencing homelessness in the United States. That means, 1 out of every 30 children are now homeless, and very shortly, that number will rise significantly. Children and teenage youth who are living in cars, parks, public and abandoned buildings are in tremendous peril. We must end the vicious cycle of poverty that will affect our country for years to come. I support SparkleChange as they work toward the change required to end homelessness in our communities.

Jay Mosley.jpg

Missouri State Representative
Saint Louis County

The homeless in numbers has grown to epidemic proportions. Homelessness: The official definition is the state of having no home. However, it means so much more. It means, lack of food, lack of access to healthcare, lack of appropriate and adequate bathroom facilities, lack of protection and for children: lack of basic necessities and the disruption and access to education. Homelessness can be caused by poverty, family breakdown, financial difficulties and affordable housing. A National Crisis looms. Our society must address this issue in its entirety. I lend my support to organizations such as this that strive to address homelessness within our communities and our country.

Guy Torry.jpg

American Actor, Comedian, and Philanthropist

Time. We always think we have more time. For families, women, children, the disabled and the mentally ill facing eviction, their TIME IS UP. This month, an estimated additional 8 million will experience the lack of shelter, the lack of food, lack of heat this winter and the lack of basic necessities. A real and present danger of safety will become the reality for women, children and the mentally ill. This United States will experience in the upcoming months situations that can be deemed no less than catastrophic. Those experiencing mental health issues will find it difficult to receive the treatment they so desperately need. Some will join the ranks of the many that are living on the streets, in cars and abandoned buildings. We must come together as a people and as a community and do what is right and what is just for those who have the least. We must stabilize our families, protect our women and children and address the needs of the mentally ill. I lend my support, and will encourage others to support SparkleChange, as they assist the homeless and initiate programs intended to transform lives.

Alan Gray.jpg

Missouri State Representative
St. Louis County

According to the Oxford Encyclopedia of Social Work, homelessness is defined by the U.S. government as: ''when a person lacks a fixed, regular and adequate night-time residence, and if the sleep in a shelter designated for temporary living or in places not designated for human habitation.'' We are currently experiencing in the State of Missouri and in the U.S. a Public Health Crisis. The pandemic is affecting millions, drug overdoses and deaths are at levels never before seen, loss of adequate employment has skyrocketed. We must change the trajectory of this country.  We must get our women and children off the streets. The efforts of this organization are commendable.


Television Celebrity and Top Polygraph Examiner

My name is Dan Ribacoff, I am the founder and CEO of International Investigative Group, Ltd. We have been named as “one of the top 15 investigators in the U.S.” Many of you may know me from my work as a polygraph expert on NBC/Universal’s Steve Wilkos Show. SparkleCHANGE is the brainchild of Victor Wong. He is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. SparkleCOIN is the only cryptocurrency with a social purpose! By simply using SparkleCOIN, money goes to those who are homeless to help them have access to funds for their daily necessities. There is no cost to the user! The concept is brilliant and very needed. Government social programs fall short. SparkleCHANGE is the answer to help our homeless population, like never before! I strongly support SparkleCHANGE and thank Victor Wong for his caring and compassion in wanting to help those who are less fortunate. 

Marlene Terry.jpg

Missouri State Representative
Saint Louis County

Matthew 25:44-45. ''Then they will reply, LORD, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison and didn't do anything to help you? Then he will answer, ''I will assure you that when you haven't done it for one of the least of these, you haven't done it for me." It is the responsibility of our community, our state and our nation to address the needs of the weak, the hungry and the sick. As the pandemic takes its toll on the health and lives of others simultaneously, the financial struggles facing many will affect us all. Remember, there are those that are but one paycheck away from homelessness. It could happen to anyone. Homelessness may be a temporary circumstance, but not a permanent condition. I support SparkleChange in their efforts to provide the necessary assistance and intervention to those women and children who need the services required to overcome and transform.


UPC services Pedro.jpg

As a resident of Austin, Texas, I have seen the struggle and growth of the homeless community in our area. One of my offices sits directly across from a large homeless group that I see daily. These are human beings and with the support of our staffing company UCP, in collaboration with SparkleCOIN, we will be able to provide jobs to the responsible homeless community in the areas where we operate, currently in the states of California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and North Dakota. This will help us support the cause of SparkleCOIN and the SparkleCHANGE project to allow some of the homeless people to break the cycle of homelessness. I am super enthusiastic about the opportunity given to UCP to be able to be a great part of a movement that will change the world and the way people view cryptocurrency. Find out more about UCP and what we do at:  - Pedro Perez



We are currently accepting applications for the deployment of SPARKLECHANGE world-wide. There is no cost to apply and if accepted, there is no cost for the deployment and use of SPARKLECHANGE. Availability will be on a first-come-first served basis. Please contact us to start the process today. 




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PLEASE NOTE:, a non-profit organization, which heads this project, and Sparkle Blockchain, Inc, which provides the software, are independent and separate entities.

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