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Encrypted and Blockchain Secured Data Platform

With Sparkle Blockchain’s SparkleLOCK solution, your data is in safer hands than ever before.

Blockchain Time Stamping and Notarization:

* Secure, tamper-proof method of time stamping documents by hashing a document and storing the hash on the blockchain.

* Ensures that documents are original and unaltered, even by the owner of the document.

Blockchain Key Encryption and Access MGMT:

* Encrypts documents during upload.

* Blockchain key required to read and access documents.

* Documents are automatically secured and protected from outside access, copy, and use.

Use Cases

Contracts, research data, medical records and other confidential data. Securing sensitive records and data. Proving the existence of certain data before a certain point without the possibility that the owner can backdate the timestamps.


Simple to Use, Maximum Security, Access Your Data Anywhere

How it Works:

The SparkleLOCK user interface is designed for ease of use and contains the following:

User Dashboard:

1. Alerts showing requests from group members to access files controlled by the user.

2. Display showing all group members. The Admin User will have rights to add and delete group members.
3. Keyword search to locate files controlled by the user.
4. List of files uploaded by the user with the ability to download, share, or delete.
5. Keyword search to locate files that are available to all group members.
6. List of all files available to all group members.
7. Import button to encrypt, upload, and blockchain protect files.

Import File:

  • To import a file, select the ‘import” button and simply drop your file into the interface. SparkleLOCK will work with any file format up to 1GB in size.

  • Once the file has been dropped into the import interface, a dialog box will appear to allow you to enter the name of the file, owner name for the file, and the password to your SparkleLOCK wallet. This information will be embedded with the file.

  • The file is first encrypted on the device/computer before it is imported through the system.

  • The HASH is created and placed on the blockchain.

  • Then the encrypted file is sent and stored in the database. Any number of cloud or dedicated storage platforms are compatible with SparkleLOCK. Depending on the version of SparkleLOCK being used, there may be one or multiple options for data storage.

  • After the file has been imported, you may select any number of group members to grant immediate access to the file.

Share File:

  • Each group member will be alerted via a notice that you have granted them access to the file.

Request File Access:

  • Group members can request access to any available file simply by selecting it in their user interface.

  • The request is sent to the document owner and will show up in his or her user interface.

Grant/Decline File Access:

  • The file owner will receive an alert and can accept or decline the request for access.

  • If access is granted, the requesting member will receive a notice and be allowed to download and decrypt the file.

Scalable and Adaptive:

  • SparkleLOCK is available in the following versions to suit your exact needs: Standard, Business, Enterprise, and Private Enterprise.

  • SparkleLOCK can be customized to integrate seamlessly with legacy systems, platforms, and a variety of databases including cloud and dedicated servers.

SparkleCoin Powered:

  • Data transactions and access to the blockchain are conducted using SparkleCoin, the utility token for the SPRK Blockchain.

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