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You Control the Future of Sparkle Blockchain

One foundational idea that has guided us at Sparkle Blockchain is that one must adapt to the changing times. And in few industries do times change more rapidly than in cryptocurrency and blockchain. Now, we’d like to announce the beginning of our newest project, one unlike anything we’ve done before.

There have been open-source projects in the blockchain sphere and there have been private, centrally managed projects, but Sparkle Blockchain is aiming to be the first to seamlessly combine the best of both worlds. We’re going to leverage the creativity, enthusiasm, and innovative spark of the cryptocurrency community to direct the significant assets, technologies, and resources that Sparkle Blockchain has at its disposal.

Since the foundation of this company in 2015, Sparkle Blockchain has been creating technologies that can be utilized in near-endless ways and now we are going to put these tools in your hands. Your ideas will become our direction. Everyone will have the opportunity to say what they think will be the next big industry-disrupting project.

Joining the conversation is simple. Our website has a form where anyone can submit their idea, and then after a period of time we will collect those ideas and host a poll. The winning idea will be our next project, and the winner of the contest will also receive $500 in Bitcoin and 50 SparkleCoins.

And it doesn’t stop with the selection of a new project. We are going to make every step of development an open dialogue, utilizing the power of crowd-sourcing to its full potential. So join us and let’s create something great together.

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