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VCoin Mall Giveaway: New Prize and Bonus Entry Method!

VCoin Mall News

There's been a stunning new prize added to the VCoin Mall Giveaway and a new optional entry method, so you can increase your chances of winning! Read on to learn more.

New Prize Added to the VCoin Mall Giveaway!


 Anticipation for the announcement of the winner of the VCoin Mall Giveaway has been steadily growing since it began back in April. The VCoin Mall Ferrari 360 Modena Berlinetta F1, with roughly $40,000 worth of spectacular upgrades, is a prize well worth getting excited about. It’s a one of a kind car and a once in a lifetime prize. But, to make the last stretch of our giveaway even more exciting, we’re adding on to this amazing jackpot.                 Introducing, the VCoin Mall LOUIS XVI EDITION LIMITEE luxury watch. Louis XVI is a Switzerland-based watch manufacturer that began in 2010. They’re a young company, but their dedication to bringing “the best design, at the best price, in the highest quality and with the best service” is readily apparent in the watches they produce. The lucky winner of the VCoin Mall giveaway will now win not only our jaw-dropping Ferrari, but also this beautiful Louis XVI watch, custom-designed and crafted to match and perfectly compliment the VCoin Mall Ferrari.                 "Louis XVI is excited to announce its partnership with VCoinmall.com. Our watches will now be available to the global market for purchase with select cryptocurrencies," said Emre Genç of Louis XVI Watches, "As the first Swiss watch brand to be available direct to consumer in this market, we hope to make our timepieces more accessible using the Sparklecoin platform and blockchain technology. "                 In addition, we’re happy to announce that Louis XVI will be the first independent manufacturer to join the marketplace on VCoin Mall upon its launch. That means that everyone, not just the winner of the giveaway, can become an owner of the fine products made by Louis XVI using VCoin Mall.                 "We are honored to have Louis XVI Watches join VCoinMall.com," said Victor Wong, CEO VCoinMall.com, "Their high-quality luxury branded watches are works of art and engineering and we are looking forward to helping them grow as a brand."                 The giveaway drawing will take place on July 24th, 2018. On July 31st, VCoin Mall will launch and you’ll be able to purchase products from select major e-tailers. Thirty days later, you’ll be able to purchase products from independent manufacturers and brands like Loius XVI. Click here to register and enter the contest. And check out the promotional video for the VCoin Mall Loius XVI luxury watch here.

New Ferrari Giveaway Entry Method! Download ‘Yello Rarri’ Today 'Yello Rarri' By V'loz

               VCoin Mall has partnered with V’loz Music Group to bring you a summer hit worth playing on repeat in celebration of the upcoming launch of VCoin Mall. The song is called ‘Yello Rarri’ (featuring Freysh) and you can download it today at VCoinMall.com.                 Get what's sure to be this summer's hit dance track by V'Loz. 'Yello Rarri' features VCoinMall and, you guessed it, the beautiful yellow giveaway Ferrari. Purchasing the song from VCoin Mall also automatically gives you another entry into the Ferrari Giveaway! For $1 that’s a hard deal to beat.                 By purchasing this song, you are also helping us test the VCoin Mall digital download system. Help us test the Mall, get a bonus entry for the giveaway, and enjoy the hottest tune of the summer by V’loz! The drawing takes place on July 24, 2018, and the winner will be announced July 31, 2018. Click here to download ‘Yello Rarri’ and get a bonus giveaway entry. (No purchase necessary to enter the giveaway)

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