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VCoin Mall Basics

What Is VCoin Mall?

VCoin Mall allows users to browse for and purchase products from major e-tailers and independent merchants with cryptocurrency.

What Currencies Can I Make Purchases With?

Purchases can be made with Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), and Sparkle Coin (SPRK).

What Products Will Be Available?

When VCoin Mall first launches, you will find products from Walmart.com and Amazon.com.Products available will fall under the following guidelines:4-star ratings and above.High chance of significant inventory in stock.Models that are currently availableThis filtering of available products is done to streamline the browsing process and improve the overall shopping experience on VCoin Mall.

How Does Product Purchasing Work?

Choose the store you want to search for products in. Select products from the store and add them to your shopping cart.Select the Check Out button.Pay using Bitcoin, Ether, or Sparkle Coin. The automated exchange system in VCoin Mall will exchange the cryptocurrency for fiat currency and deliver that payment to the e-tailer. Please note there may be some delay in the transaction if the cryptocurrency cannot be converted into fiat currency if there are no buyers for it in the exchange. The order will only be processed if the cryptocurrency is successfully converted to fiat currency through a sale on the exchange.Your order will then be forwarded to the fulfillment store(s) for processing and shipment once the cryptocurrency conversion has been completed.In the event the cryptocurrency conversion is not successful after 24 hours, the order will be canceled and the cryptocurrency payment will be returned to you minus the network fees. No fees from VCoinMall.com will be applied.

How Does Shipment Work?

Once the payment is completed and confirmed, the product will be shipped to you directly by the vendor.

Will I Receive a Receipt?

Once the products have shipped you will receive a shipping receipt from the vendor.

How Does Return or Exchange of Product(s) Work?

Exchanges can be handled through the vendor and their terms and conditions regarding exchanges apply.

How Can I Get a Refund?

Please contact VCoin Mall if you would like to request a refund.VCoin Mall will contact the vendor on your behalf.If a refund can be granted, you will be given instructions for returning the products.Once the returned products are received and accepted, VCoin Mall will refund the amount paid minus network fees within 30 days via check.

What to Expect in the Short-Term

                It is important to note that VCoin Mall is the first of its kind. That means that although no issues are expected, due to the complexity of the system, complications may arise upon launch. We will work swiftly to resolve any issues that may develop as soon as possible.

                We anticipate that due to the way the system works, currencies that currently have established large trading volumes in the market, such as Bitcoin and Ether, will have a high chance of order completion.

                In the short-term, other currencies that may not have such an established trading volume may not be conducive to a high rate of order completion.

What to Expect Moving Forward

                VCoin Mall will continue to offer a greater number of products from our current connected vendors. We will also begin onboarding more major e-tailers as well as independent merchants.

                VCoin Mall will also work to increase the number of exchanges it works with in order to increase the capabilities of the system and allow for higher volumes of order completions for purchases made with compatible cryptocurrencies.

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