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VCoin Exchange Withdrawal Fee and Sell Order Updates

Today we’re happy to announce that two updates will be implemented in VCoin Exchange starting tomorrow, March 1st. The first is a reduction in withdrawal fees when transferring Sparkle Coins from the exchange to your wallet. The second is a new feature that will allow VCoin Exchange users to place multiple buy and sell limit orders on the market.

The new withdrawal fee for Sparkle Coins is 0.01 Sparkle Coin per withdraw or transfer action. This is identical to the network fee that is required by the blockchain itself. Because we care about the experience of our users, we believe reducing this fee as low as possible was the only move that made sense.

Our second announcement is that VCoin Exchange now supports multiple buy and sell limit orders. This means you no longer have to cancel a buy or sell order that’s on the market in order to make a new one. The big benefit of this new capability is that VCoin Exchange users can easily test out different price points for their coins in order to better calibrate their trading strategy. You will be limited only by the amount of Sparkle Coins total you have to sell for a sell order and by the usual daily limit you fall under per your KYC level.

To break it down, that means you can place as many sell limit orders as you want as long as the total number of coins you have for sale doesn’t exceed the total number you own. So, for example, if you have 200 Sparkle Coins, you could put in, say, four sell limit orders of 50 Sparkle Coins each at different price points. The only other limit is the standard daily KYC limit. So if your KYC level allocates you a $5000 daily limit you can make sell orders with amounts and price points that come out to equal $5000 or less.

To recap, as of March 1st, two updates to VCoin Exchange will go into place that we believe will make the buying, selling, and trading experience better for all. Withdrawal and transfer fees for Sparkle Coins have been significantly reduced. In addition, you now have the ability to have multiple buy and sell orders on the market at one time, making it easier than ever to buy, sell, and trade Sparkle Coins on VCoin Exchange.

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