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SPRK Blockchain Fork and Wallet Ver. 1.2

  On August 18th, the SparkleCOIN blockchain, otherwise known as SPRK Blockchain, will undergo a fork. The purpose of this fork is to significantly reduce the network fees involved in running the blockchain. This is in anticipation of the upcoming ramp up of activity on the blockchain due to the full release of SparkleLOCK and other blockchain apps to be deployed on SPRK Blockchain.

               The network fees associated with each transaction on the blockchain will be reduced to 0.0005 SPRK. This will make it possible for the transaction fees associated with using SparkleCoins to remain as minimal as possible as the project continues to scale up.

                We truly believe that blockchain technology has the potential to change the world and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of that change. So with this increased focus on blockchain use case exploration and development we hope to take the SparkleCOIN project even further and increase awareness and engagement.


                Due to the upcoming fork in the SPRK Blockchain, an updated version of the SparkleCOIN wallet has been released. The link can be found here. You will need to update your wallet to this new version, version 1.2, in order to avoid running into errors due to being out of sync with the forked blockchain. You can update now or any time before fork date, August 18th. Installation of the updated wallet should take very little time. Thank you.

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