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SparkleCOIN featured on Crypto-Reporter!

"SparkleCOIN is the most transactable, liquid, and user-friendly cryptocurrency in the world. Like other digital currencies, it offers all the advantages of non-centralized blockchain networking, such as privacy, security, and immediate value transfer from peer to peer."

"Reasons to celebrate included the success of SparkleCOIN’s initial coin offering (ICO), which is ongoing until December 21 at 1P.M. Pacific time / 4P.M. Eastern. No other cryptocurrency has ever seen its value increase to double digits during its initial token sale, let alone the $37 price at which SparkleCOIN™ is selling at the time of this writing. On December 22, VCoin Exchange will open for trading. VCoin Exchange is part of a managed ecosphere that makes SparkleCOIN™ more immediately usable and transactable than any other cryptocurrency, providing instant trading with other traditional fiat (government-issued) currencies as well as other cryptocurrencies. It also gives merchants a payment gateway that enables them to accept SparkleCOIN™ directly and receive payment in dollars, via a downloadable extension that interfaces with virtually any shopping cart system, with no extra coding required."

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