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Meet the SC Community: Q&A with Sparkle Coin Miner Bryan McNabb

Cryptocurrency miners are an essential part of the equation when it comes to blockchain technology and all of its practical applications. Their work helps the wheels go around and that makes them valuable members of any blockchain project’s community.

This is no different when it comes to Sparkle Coin. We recently had the pleasure of conducting an interview with a big-time cryptocurrency miner who’s been a long-time fan of Sparkle Coin. Bryan McNabb is a miner with years of experience in this realm and thus has a unique perspective on what defines a blockchain project with long-term potential.

So, with no further ado, enjoy this Q&A with the esteemed Sparkle Coin Community Member and experienced cryptocurrency miner, Bryan McNabb:

Q1: How did you find out about Sparkle Coin?

I found Sparkle Coin when I was searching the web looking for new coins to mine, as I love mining!

Q2: What about the project made you want to get involved?

I believe online shopping is where it's at, so I believe this project cannot fail. It is the future of how we will all shop.

Q3: What’s your history with cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining?

I started back in 2010, but really did not step it up until 2016. In 2017 myself and a partner invested in a lot if mining hardware.

Q4: What does your mining operation look like now and is it changing?

Currently building a new facility for all our ASCIS. We have GPUS and are also just starting to go back to FPGA cards due to the lower power costs.

Q4: What do you think about the role miners play in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world?

Without the miners blockchain can’t exist. The network needs hashing power and the demand will only increase.

Q5: What makes you excited about VCoin Mall?

I am excited to do a little shopping myself first of all lol. To spread the news to the world and help make it a success, I truly love the project.

Q6: SparkleLOCK is the newest blockchain project by Sparkle Blockchain. What kind of potential do you see in SparkleLOCK and projects like it for bringing blockchain into the mainstream?

SparkleLOCK looks like it will help bring projects to the main stream due to the ease of use.

Q7: What aspects of the Sparkle Blockchain project make you excited about its future? What might that future look like in your opinion?

I truly love blockchain and am excited for the future. The vcoinmail is a huge step forward for all of crypto holders and users. The future looks bright for crypto. It is here to stay and Sparkle Coin is leading the way.

Q8: What are your plans for the future of your mining operation and your involvement with Sparkle Blockchain?

We will continue to invest in hardware and networking equipment to ensure the network runs smoothly. I personally have a passion for crypto and Sparkle Coin and will continue to do keep up with the changing times of computer hardware world.

Q9: What do you think is the best reason for someone interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain to check out Sparkle Blockchain?

The best reason would be that Sparklecoin will allow crypto users a way to spend their coins. The Vcoinmall will make it easy for anyone to spend their crypto easily. Very Excited about the launch.

VCoin Mall launches on July 31st 2018. To learn more about this project, visit VCoinMall.com To learn more about Sparkle Coin and Sparkle Blockchain, visit SparkleBlockchain.com.

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