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Help Sparkle Coin Get Listed on SouthXchange!

We at SparkleCOIN have over time been seeking to get Sparkle Coin listed on exchanges besides VCoin Exchange. Due to the large number of coins out there today, all vying for exchange acceptance, this has proven to be a lengthy process. But today we have good news in this regard. 

Sparkle Coin has reached the preliminary stage of acceptance onto SouthXchange. In order to move on to this exchange, the next step in this process requires the support of the SparkleCOIN community.

That's because SouthXchange accepts new coins based on a voting system. If enough members of our community vote for Sparkle Coin on SouthXchange, Sparkle Coin can be accepted and will be listed on their exchange. You can find a link to the voting page here. Thank you for your time and continued support of SparkleCOIN. 

*In addition, we'd like to note that if anyone in our community has information or a contact that might be useful in the pursuit of spreading Sparkle Coin to more exchanges, don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@sparklecoin.com.

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