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Helping Musician and Songwriters

Ever since piracy started years ago, songwriters and music producers have lost the main way they make a living. People simply were not buying music anymore. While some music streaming services are now doing well, they hardly pay the songwriters and music producers anything. Since then, a lot of songwriters and producers have been forced to go on the road and perform live in order to make a living. Unfortunately with the closing of venues due to COVID-19 in the past year, even these new ways of making money have been withheld from songwriters and music producers. 

AVandaway, is changing all that. They were created especially to change the operational structure of a licensed music download service that has revenues of $160M/yr pre-COVID and $32M/yr during COVID. AVandaway is working with SparkleCOIN and L2C, LLC to tokenize the sweepstakes awards, which helps to drive song download sales so that the redeeming of the prizes for the sweepstakes winners are easier and much more scalable, thereby providing more revenues to songwriters and music producers. 

We here at SparkleCOIN deem this as a very important project because we believe music inspires the world and the world would be a terrible place without it.

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“Songwriters Across Texas”


We should tell stories. Music is our core product. We all have a story to tell... Our platform was created to give an opportunity to promote, support and showcase local artists.”

We provide a catalog of music with over 21,000 songs and growing. Our business model is designed to discover new talent and provide artists with a platform to record and distribute their original music. We actively search for Talent across the state using various techniques, including qualifying contests and other promotions to include community participation. We film, record, and distribute the music of Texas Songwriters.

Our musicians can upload their music to our website. They are then available for purchase at several Texas locations or via the Lucky 7 Downloads site and or Royal 7 game-play. We also work with recording studios throughout Texas. We provide artists the ability to record and upload their music to our database.

We promote the sale of our music by offering free sweepstakes. Sweepstakes are used by thousands of American companies, like McDonald’s, Randals, Wendy’s, John Deere, Walmart, Hershey’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Home Depot, and Absolute vodka to help the sale of these companies core products and attract new customers.

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Our Free Sweepstakes


There is no charge for entering the Free certified sweepstakes. No one pays to play ever! Every 24 hours, participants receive 100 free sweepstakes credits just for logging into the System. Participants can also receive free sweepstakes credits by sending a written request with a self addressed stamped envelope to our company. Since the sweepstakes is free it’s legal in the state of Texas.

Our certified free sweepstakes begin January 1 and run through December 31.

The free sweepstakes software has been certified by a third party software analyst as having predetermined outcomes. Songwriters Across Texas with AVandaway, R7play Lucky 7 Downloads sells music downloads promoted by free sweepstakes. We provide the love of music to our clients and the opportunity for artist to reach a wider audience.


We’re serious about following the law and it is this foundation upon we have modeled our business.

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