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  • What is SparkleCOIN and the $SPRK token?
    SparkleCOIN (SPRK) is a hybrid token with both POW and POS. We designed it this way so it can be sustainable. With POW only cryptocurrencies, the increase in cost to mine the tokens may eventually make mining unprofitable and thereby dissuade miners from providing the needed processing power and security for the blockchain. With a combination of Mining and Minting, the SPRK blockchain can be assured of the processing power it needs. Furthermore, since we designed the SPRK blockchain to conduct high volumes of transactions, we set the network fees very low so that won’t become an impediment to people and businesses using the SPRK token to conduct their business transactions. Finally, it was important that we created a MainNet blockchain and not an ERC20-based one. Virtually every company we have spoken to about our new SPRK Awards Platform insisted that we had control over our own blockchain so that if something needed to be changed or added, we could do it ourselves and not be at the mercy of another company.
  • What makes SparkleCOIN the company unique?
    SparkleCOIN is unique because we are not just a blockchain technology play like many others. SPRK, the token, is only part of the solution that we have created. Around SPRK, we have developed a sustainable hybrid PoW / PoS blockchain, sophisticated transactional software, integration with various platforms, and services that are designed to work seamlesssly together to move values from the virtual world to the real world and back.
  • What is the background history of SparkleCOIN the company?
    SparkleCOIN was founded in 2016. Our founder has always been one to take new emerging technologies and turn them into mass market products and services. In 2015 he saw blockchain as an emerging technology that he was interested in, by 2016 that turned into a realized company and development started in earnest. Coming from an Apple, Inc. development background, Our fonder was accustomed to designing ecospheres of products that will provide the user with incredible technologies but also easy-of-use. He realized sometime in the future, a cryptocurrency was only going to be valuable based on it’s transactability. Once he realized that, he knew the company had to build the ecosphere to accommodate that eventuality. To do so we created three different companies: (1) A blockchain company with a cryptocurrency SparkleCOIN (SPRK), (2) a cryptocurrency exchange, (3) and an online shopping mall that would allow people to use cryptocurrencies to purchase products and services. When we conducted our ICO in 2017, which was live-streamed from Techcrunch’s Disrupt S.F., our blockchain was already operational and the exchange ready to transact. We ended our ICO with SPRK at $35 per token. Shortly after that, we launched our cryptocurrency exchange where SPRK traded up to $68 per token. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency market crashed in 2018 led by Bitcoin. When this happened, even launching the online shopping mall was not enough to reverse the situation brought on by the worldwide crash. However, that was actually anticipated by us as we have seen this happen before with the IPO situation back in 2000 and how after the crash, companies with real technologies and business acumen were able come through the other side and then become pioneers of that new industry. One good example is So, we continued to invest our own money into the project to finalize all the pieces we have described and created a vast amount of technologies that we knew would be valuable once the cryptocurrency market went through this same transition. That day is today and we have brought all of the things we have developed out of hibernation and have created new and exciting uses for SPRK that are based on the same fundamental principles of ecospheres that allow real transactions to be conducted. We have reinvested hundreds of thousands of dollars recently as well as engaging some of the best consultants available to help us with this reboot. We have also signed agreements with some of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world to increase the accessibility of SPRK to the public, and finally, we have signed exclusive agreements with large volume companies who will use SPRK in their platforms to directly drive demand.
  • What is the new SPRK Awards Platform?
    The SPRK Awards Platform is a turnkey end-to-end solution for the exchange of virtual assets and fiat currencies by means of a stable token valued at $1 and any number of cryptocurrencies with constantly changing values, governed by the SPRK token. The solution includes business methodologies, software technologies, integration, a blockchain, and direct real-time transactions with the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. The SPRK Awards Platform can be utilized by any company that has a virtual economy such as gaming, company loyalty rewards, and even brick-and-mortar businesses.
  • Who will be using the SPRK Awards Platform?
    The SPRK Awards Platform is designed for any company or community with a virtual economy that would like to be connected seamlessly with real-world financial platforms. We provide the bridge to move values back and forth from the virtual world to the real-world. Our first client partner in this is a music download company with normal revenues in excess of $140M annually ($36M last year during Covid-19). They will be using $SPRK exclusively in their transactions for their sweepstakes, which amounts to approximately 2/3rds of their annual revenue and will directly drive demand for $SPRK on the third-party cryptocurrency exchanges by placing buy orders for $SPRK. There will be a ramp-up to this amount as they will be transitioning a number of locations and customers over time. After this first company, we wil be onboarding a number of other companies and communities that we are in talks with now.
  • Why was the company dormant after 2018 until now?
    We have been in the business world for decades and we saw what happened in the 2000’s when the boom busted. There was a huge number of IPOs and then the bubble burst. When that happened all the companies that really didn’t have any technologies or business knowhow went out of business. Those who had technologies and the resources to survive for the years after the crash came out the other side to become the pioneers and industry leaders for the industry like We saw the ICO craze as a repeat of history, so we focused on developing a massive amount of technologies and stored away our resources until the time was right to reemerge with new and relevant products and services. Because of this strategy, we believe SparkleCOIN can become a pioneer and leader in this new era of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
  • Where is $SPRK traded and do you have other listing plans?
    SparkleCOIN $SPRK is currently listed on However, we will be making announcements within the next few weeks about being listed on some of the largest exchanges in the world.
  • Who is behind SparkleCOIN?
    From our Founder and President, Victor Wong... I have been an inventor, entrepreneur, and futurist since a child. I have founded a number of successful companies that have fundamentally changed the world. The first company was one of a handful that was authorized by Apple to make Mac OS compatible computer systems. We produced the most powerful Mac OS computer ever back in 1997 and was the first company to offer a “bare-bones” configuration whereby the end-user can add their own RAM, hard drives, and other components. On the software side, I also founded a company that used Web Objects from Apple to create one of the first web-enabled business management software applications. This software powered online commerce for companies like Lucent Technologies and even the LBJ Presidential Library and was marketed by Apple to its enterprise customers. After this I founded Open Labs, which was the first company to create a complete all-in-one music production station powered by a computer and Windows, which was integrated into a musical keyboard. Our products included the NeKo, MiKo, and DBeat and was used by many artists and producers to compose and perform music including: Prince, Madonna, Faith Hill, KoRn, Maroon 5, Timbaland, Polow Da Don, Lil Jon, Michal Jackson, Linkin Park, Teddy Riley, and many others. One use example is all the keyboards on stage for the Super Bowl performance by Prince were from my company. We were instrumental in introducing the world to music production and performance using computers, which is now the norm. Currently I run several technology-based companies including Music Computing, a maker of large format touch screens that are used by companies including Capital One and National Instruments, and government agencies like DARPA, and in boardrooms and trade shows worldwide. We were the first to produce multi-touch capabilities for Windows based computer systems as well as the first to produce any touch capable screens for Mac OS. Another company I currently run is Victor Racing, which makes Smart Active Aero products for cars. Our latest line of products won a Best New Product Award at the SEMA show in 2019 and is currently being used exclusively by the U.S. Touring Car Championship racing series. In 2016, I also founded SparkleCOIN, a blockchain and cryptocurrency technology company, which is about to make some large announcements as it is being rebooted into the new Cryptocurrency Era. Our goal has always been to help cryptocurrencies be used in daily transactions.
  • Where is the SPRK blockchain Explorer, Pool, and Repository?"
    The SPRK blockchain explorer is located at: The SPRK blockchain pool is located at: The SPRK repository is located at:
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