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Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are about decentralization, empowering the people to take control of the future. We believe this is the best way to create the solutions that will make the future a better place. Everyone must have a voice. Since 2015, Sparkle Blockchain has been creating technologies that can be utilized in near-endless ways. We want you to help us find the next world-changing solution that these technologies will unlock. Your ideas will determine our direction. Sparkle Blockchain is the world’s first crowd-source managed blockchain company.



Here are the completed and launched projects we have released as well as a list of the technologies we have developed for you to use to help determine what our next world-changing project will be.


Trade Execution Engine

High performance trade execution engine that supports pluggable matching algorithms. Out of the box, the engine supports FIFO, Pro Rated and hybrid FIFO + Pro Rated algorithms.

Crypto Payment Gateway

Payment gateway that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin, Ether and SparkleCOIN. Compatible with

online shopping carts including Shopify, WooCommerce, and others.

Crypto Payment System

Payment gateway system that allows any merchant to accept cryptocurrencies via online POS as a standalone terminal.

Crypto to Fiat Conversion

Automated system that can communicate directly with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to trade between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in real-time, locking in exchange rates across the transaction.

Token Generation

The platform enables issuance of custom coins/tokens based on SparkleCOIN Blockchain.

Product Aggregation Engine

An advanced, configurable product aggregator which fetches products from Amazon, Walmart, and other ecommerce providers and makes them available in ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce

Automated Order Processing

Backend order management for integration with Amazon and Walmart order placement and tracking. Automates the ordering process with autofill, submission, and tracking via a web browser interface. 

Secure File Share Platform

The platform enables sharing of files securely among participants. All files are encrypted at rest and security of keys and proof of timeline security is provided by SparkleCOIN blockchain.

Project Voting Coming Soon!

Thanks to everyone who submitted ideas for our next project. 

We are currently compiling them together so they can be posted here for voting.

Please check back soon to cast your vote!



Market Cap and Price

The following real-time data illustrates an important fact about SparkleCOIN. Relative to the vast majority of cryptocurrencies available today, there are not that many SparkleCoins in circulation and that isn't going to change any time soon. Only about 33 coins are added into circulation via mining and minting per day and Sparkle Blockchain is only authorized to release a maximum of 1000 coins into circulation per day. However, the company has not released any new coins into circulation since the end of the SparkleCOIN ICO in order to maintain a very low number of coins in circulation.


This market structure was developed purposefully. The limited number of coins means that real scarcity is in place and it takes relatively small changes in demand and trading volume to make significant and immediate effects on the price of SparkleCOIN. The following is based on prices from SouthXChange.

Price Estimator


The following tool is a price estimator that allows you to see what could happen to the price of SparkleCOIN given a specific hypothetical purchase amount. You can input either the amount of USD to be spent or the number of SparkleCoins to be purchased, then the estimator calculates how making that purchase could affect the price of SparkleCOIN. The Price Estimator pulls data straight from SouthXChange and VCoin Exchange, specifically the current Asks on the books, including the number of SparkleCoins up for sale, the selling point, and current price of BTC, to give an accurate measure of how a given Buy Order could affect the price of SparkleCOIN. SparkleCOINs are traded at: SouthXChange.com (U.S. and International) and VCoinExchange.com (International). Please note: Prices and quantity of coins available will differ from exchange to exchange depending on what buyers and sellers are offering on that specific exchange.

Please note: Cryptocurrency exchanges may work differently from traditional stock exchanges as many of them have “Market Prices” that are based on the last trade only. That is they do not take the entire market cap into consideration. Because of this a token can have a sustained price of let’s say $5, but if someone like a miner who has procured the token for $0.05 decides to sell at that price, the real-time “Market Price” will drop from $5 to $0.05. However, once the low-priced tokens are bought up and only tokens offered for $5 or higher are available, the effective “Market Price” will be at $5 again.  

In regards to SparkleCOIN, we estimate there are approximately 150,000 coins in the hands of the miners, who may have a cost basis of approximately $0.02 to $0.20. The majority of these coins were mined before our first hard fork when the daily reward was 1,000 SparkleCOINS, after which it was reduced to 33 coins daily with a much higher cost basis. Aside from these low-priced coins, the cost basis for all the other coins in circulation are between $1.50 and $68.00.  

Because of the low number of coins in circulation and the cost basis for the coins currently, a small amount of demand translates into a large change in the value of SparkleCOIN.

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