10/16/2020: SparkleCOIN has signed an agreement for SPRK to be used exclusively within a high-volume music and gaming platform. Look for our public announcement soon! 


Discount Token and Transaction Coin

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Here is a list of the technologies we have developed that can be used in a variety of different platforms and businesses. Look for more announcements soon.


Trade Execution Engine

High performance trade execution engine that supports pluggable matching algorithms. Out of the box, the engine supports FIFO, Pro Rated and hybrid FIFO + Pro Rated algorithms.

Crypto Payment Gateway

Payment gateway that allows merchants to accept Bitcoin, Ether and SparkleCOIN. Compatible with

online shopping carts including Shopify, WooCommerce, and others.

Crypto Payment System

Payment gateway system that allows any merchant to accept cryptocurrencies via online POS as a standalone terminal.

Crypto to Fiat Conversion

Automated system that can communicate directly with multiple cryptocurrency exchanges to trade between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies in real-time, locking in exchange rates across the transaction.

Token Generation

The platform enables issuance of custom coins/tokens based on SparkleCOIN Blockchain.

Product Aggregation Engine

An advanced, configurable product aggregator which fetches products from Amazon, Walmart, and other ecommerce providers and makes them available in ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce

Automated Order Processing

Backend order management for integration with Amazon and Walmart order placement and tracking. Automates the ordering process with autofill, submission, and tracking via a web browser interface. 

Secure File Share Platform

The platform enables sharing of files securely among participants. All files are encrypted at rest and security of keys and proof of timeline security is provided by SparkleCOIN blockchain.


SparkleCOIN (SPRK) prices can be found at SouthXchange


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